Material Used

Since DM Modular Furniture Systems stands for giving out the best to our customers, as a natural choice, the materials that are used also are of high standard. When it comes to pre-laminated boards, MDF Tesa and association boards have been our choice.

MDF is a wood fibre based panel. The unique feature of MDF is that it has a homogeneous construction without layers. MDF an acronym for medium density fibre boards. Fibre boards are being manufactured with hard wood so automatically the density is better than other products available in the market for us to give the best product output. MDF boards are having best routing characteristics due to special technology used to press the boards in a way so that compression pressure can reach to its core also thus making densified core required is for high quality routing.

When it comes to other companies to rely on are: Merino Laminates for laminates, Greenlam & Greenply in terms of plywood and the laminates.

When it is all about dealing with wood & lamination, there is always the need of the bonding. The bonding material that we majorly use are Essar 99 & Fevicol Gum.

It is to be noted that we never use paint and still make the end product look so colorful as we would use the pre-laminates & laminates that are as such colorful. When it comes to using the metal, which would be presented in glossy or matt finish based on the design requirements, the choice of the customer and to have a creative ambience soothing for the eyes. We powder coat both the Aluminium Trims and MS Metal. Stainless steel that we use would be SS 304, SS 204 of 25 to 100 mm thickness.

In terms of the hardware like channels, keys, nuts & bolts and other accessories, we rely on the quality product manufacturers like Hafele, Hitachi, Ebco etc.

DM Modular Furniture is the professional modular furniture manufacturer offering home, educational and office furniture in Bangalore.


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