File Storage Cabinets - Office Furniture

Gone are the old ways of storing the files, documents and files. We don't let the paper trail take over the entire space of your desk, counter or office space.

DM Modular Furniture Systems is a very reliable storage unit furniture manufacturer in Bangalore, India. Our exclusively modular storage cabinets and modular drawer units. It will be so useful that you will never complain of less space to store all your office related items. We can make one storage unit in a manner that will have big and small compartments and different drawers of many sizes. To facilitate easier shifting and movement of the storage unit, roller wheels are provided beneath the units so that you can move your unit to any place you want with ease.

DM Modular Systems offers the following to solve your file, books and paper storage problems:

  • Filing storage cabinets
  • Sideboard or cupboard
  • File storage of low or full height
  • Open storage
  • Book case
  • Overhead cabinet
  • Pedestal unit
  • Mobile drawer unit
  • Drawer chest or Bureau
  • Display unit

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